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On-Site Training

On this page DMW explains the effectiveness of bespoke on-site software training courses and give you views on why on-site courses can be superior to public scheduled courses.

On our workshops page we champion workshops for fast-track skills development.

Advantages of On-Site Training

These DMW see as the main advantages to you of our on-site training:

  • Syllabus devised to match your requirements
  • Coursework, hands-on exercises appropriate to the use of the software in your business
  • Delegates share course with others who have similar objectives
  • Delegates work with their own, familiar software setup
  • No need to travel
  • Potential low cost per head
  • High return on investment (ROI) based on low cost per head per specific skill acquired.

Shortcomings of Public Courses

These are criticisms of public courses that DMW hear from people who have attended them:

  • Only a part of the course (some put it as low as 30%) matched delegate's needs
  • Class exercises did not suit the delegate's use of the software back in the office
  • Other people on the course had lots of specific questions which were not relevant to the delegate's interest
  • Problems with travel lead to a lot of stress and made the day very long
  • Staff on courses totally unavailable during their days out
  • Sending a number of delegates mounted up the training bill, particularly when the cost of travel and subsistence were accounted for.

Answering Criticisms of On-Site Training

Here are DMW’s responses to criticisms we have heard:

:: "There are too many distractions!"

DMW do not have a problem with this. We request that delegates are punctual, turn off their mobiles and do not do their e-mails when they think we are not looking. We try to keep everyone engrossed so that potential distractions go unnoticed.

Having said that, we accept that sometimes attending to a botheration is unavoidable. We do our best to bring you up to speed when you return to your seat.

:: "It's good to be out of the office!"

In DMW’s experience, not for most delegates who are much more likely to be anxious about the buses, the trains, parking, the M25, visions of the mounting list of e-mails, the food, the seating, unfamiliar equipment, getting home in time ...

:: "The cost!"

We have special low prices for one and two delegates on a course. For three or more delegates, the cost-per-head makes our on-site training pricing very competitive indeed.

If you have uncertainties about on-site training, please call DMW to talk them over.

“If a person will spend one hour a day on the same subject for five years, that person will be an expert on that subject.”

Earl Nightingale, radio speaker and author (1921 to 1989)