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Basic Word 2013, 2016 snd 2019 Introduction Training Courses

DMW’s basic Introduction to Microsoft Word courses are practical hands-on courses intended to provide the skills necessary to prepare documents like letters, memos, minutes and simple reports.

The courses are for anyone who is starting Microsoft Word from scratch, or who may be using it but feels they want to brush up on the basics.

Recognising that some delegates may have made a start on Word before coming on the course, DMW adapts the course's content topic-by-topic in order to set the best pace for the day.

Course Content

Word screen The components of the Word display and how you can arrange them.

RIbbon The Word user interface — command tabs, command sets or groups, dialog boxes, pop-up menus, shortcuts.

Document work area Appreciation of the different views in which you choose to work; setting a view size to fit screen and eyesight.

Mouse pointer How the mouse pointer adapts to reflect what you are doing.

Cursor Use and control of the editing cursor.

Entering text Including control of capitalisation.

Editing text Including inserting and deleting text, overtyping and capitalisation.

Selecting text Some quick ways using the mouse and keyboard to select text prior to formatting, moving, and copying it

Moving around a document Keyboard and mouse techniques.

Copying and moving text Keyboard, mouse and menu techniques.

Text formatting Fonts, size, style, weight and so on.

Paragraphs What the are and how Word treats them.

Paragraph formatting Including indentation, line spacing and justification.

Side-by-side paragraphs For documents like minutes

Lists Creating simple numbered and bullet-pointed lists

Using the ruler Control of page and paragraph layout through the ruler

Justification and alignments Aligning text left and right alignment and centring of headings and paragraphs

Margins Text boundary and header and footer margins

Headers and footers How to place text at the top and bottom of each page.

Using tabs How and when to use tabs; the different types; setting and removing tabs.

Checking spelling Automatic and on-demand

Saving and retrieving documents What to name documents; how and where to save them; how to find them.

Printing documents Printing all, or part of, a document.

Course Duration and Prerequisites

Each course takes one day on-site, normally between 9:30am and 4:30pm.

You’ll need competence in the use of the mouse, keyboard and windows and awareness of basic computer principles like files, folders and filing.

Touch-typing ability is not a prerequisite. There will be some typing but speed is not critical to success in the course. Delegates should know their way around the keyboard.

“Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.”

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