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Excel 2013, 2016 snd 2019 On-site Training Courses

DMW Consultancy provides bespoke on-site Basic Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced courses for clients who prefer company-specific, tailored Excel training to scheduled public courses.

Find out why DMW recommends on-site training courses and workshops as the way for businesses to achieve the quickest and most cost-effective improvements in Excel skills.

For developers, DMW’s Excel VBA Programming course moves on from recording macros to full blown programming in Visual Basic for Applications.

Flexible Course Content

DMW tailors the content of our Basic Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced courses to suit the experience and ability of the participants.

Each course revolves around hands-on practice using exercises based on the business activities to which the participants will put Excel in their own work.

Special-interest Excel Courses

These are some Excel activities that DMW has developed into full courses:

  • Coping with legacy spreadsheets
  • Good spreadsheet practice
  • Linking Excel with Word and Access.

Excel Training Workshops

A workshop lasts for a half or a full day. You fill a workshop by booking slots in multiples of half-an-hour for individuals or for groups sharing similar interests.

In each slot DMW covers any aspect of working with Excel that you choose. Also, your workshop can be used for topics on other software—Access, Word, Project, and PowerPoint.

The popularity of the workshop has shown a marked increase over recent years:

  • Addresses the need for very specific training
  • Provides content that is always 100% relevant
  • Quickly brings participants up to urgently-required skills levels
  • Participants away from their desks for the shortest time, thus causing the minimum disruption to their working day.
  • Very cost-efficient on a topic-per-head basis.

“Continuous effort—not strength or intelligence—is the key to unlocking our potential.”

Liane Cardes