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Basic Excel 2010, 2013 and 2016 Training Courses

DMW's Basic Introduction Excel courses are for anyone who is new to spreadsheets or who is self-taught and wants make certain they are not missing out on any of the basic skills.

A major objective of the training is to set you up to use spreadsheets in your work. With this in mind hands-on exercises are based wherever possible on worksheets like those you meet day-to-day in the office.

Since DMW presents training at your offices, you are not distracted by the concerns of people from other business, as you might be if you attend public courses.

DMW include a brief maths refresher if you are anxious about applying arithmetic rules to formulae in Excel.

On satisfactory completion of the course you are provided with a Certificate of Attendance.

Course Duration

This course takes one day on-site, normally between 9:30am and 4:30pm.

Course Prerequisites

Competence in the use of the mouse, keyboard and windows. Awareness of basic computer principles like files, folders and filing.

Course Content

Excel screen The components of the Excel display and how to arrange them.

User interface ribbon Understanding how Excel's ribbon works and where to find things on it.

The spreadsheet Columns; rows; cells.

Terminology Understanding Excel terms and jargon.

Navigating Moving around spreadsheets with mouse and keyboard.

Inputting Text, numbers, dates and so on.

Editing Changing and extending spreadsheet content.

Formulae Creating simple formulae; revision of rules of arithmetic as they apply in Excel.

The maths If you are anxious about composing formulae, a refresher on the rules of arithmetic.

Formatting Determining the appearance of cells, columns and rows.

Insertion Inserting new cells, columns and rows.

Deletion Deleting cell content and actual cells and columns and rows.

Headings Making and removing headings.

Copying and moving Mouse and keyboard techniques.

Page layout Margins and other settings that determine how your spreadsheet fits on paper.

Headers and footers How to place text at the top and bottom of each page.

Printing Printing all or part of a spreadsheet.

Filing Saving and retrieving spreadsheets.